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Plumbing backups are probably one of the hardest home emergencies that can happen. And in a state of panic, you’re searching the internet for “plumbing services near me,” hoping to find someone dependable and honest. Identifying a professional service before disaster ever strikes is the best way to protect your home and family from the dangers of a plumbing backup.   

Major water damage 

A plumbing backup is caused most commonly by clogged pipes. This can happen suddenly if a large object finds its way into the plumbing system usually by way of a toilet, or it can happen gradually over time as hair, bacteria, toilet paper, grease and soap build up in your pipes. When it does finally refuse to drain anymore, a backup can cause major water damage on your floors, walls and furniture in the space exposed to the water. If the backup occurs on an upper floor of your home, water can damage lower floors as well by seeping through the ceiling.    

Exposure to bacteria and possible illness

It’s important to call in plumbing services near you in the event of a plumbing backup to protect your home and family from bacteria and possible illness. Salmonella, Coli, Streptococcus, and other bacteria found in sewage can cause some nasty illnesses like Hepatitis A and serious abdominal distress. If you’re facing a backup situation, a trusted professional can help you clean up the mess fast reducing your family’s exposure to harmful bacteria. 

Major, stinky mess

There is almost nothing about a sewage backup that would be considered pleasant, especially the smell and grime that can cover everything in a space where the backup occurred. It isn’t hard to realize why when you think about what’s in your pipes and what enters your house in these situations. It can take a while for the smell to subside and an experienced company can help to minimize the effects of this unfortunate situation. 

When to enlist the help of professionals 

If the plumbing back up is very small, contained to the tile floor of one bathroom on the ground floor of your home. Or, if you know the cause of the clog and can remove the foreign object yourself, it’s safe to handle the situation on your own. If the backup is extensive, affecting several rooms in your home, introducing large amounts of wastewater into your space, or if you have no idea why it happened, its best to enlist the help of professionals to help you handle the matter best. 

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