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For most situations within your home, it’s always best to hire a professional to fix or install a major feature of the structure. The same goes for doors and if you’re considering replacing or repairing a door in your home, which delivers some of the highest return on investment of any home projects, don’t hesitate to call in the pros. While you’re searching for “door contractors near me” here are a few things to know about the difference between residential and commercial contractors. 

Residential door contractors near me 

Hiring a residential door contractor near me is a great idea if you’re considering replacing doors in your home, especially the front door. Having one of these professionals do the work means that the door is likely to last longer and the final product will look better. They also know how to install a door so that it achieves maximum insulation and protects from scratches and dents when it’s opened or closed.  

Commercial door contractors near me

Commercial doors tend to be thicker, heavier, and more difficult to install than residential doors. Some specific tools are required for their installation and their knob and locking mechanisms often require expertise. Hiring a commercial door contractor to handle a residential door is like bringing a cannon to a gunfight, unnecessary and probably more costly than it should be.  

How to find reputable door contractors

If you’re looking for someone to install your residential door, head online and search “door contractors near me.” You find contractors in your area and from those search results you can do more research on individuals and companies. Ask around for recommendations too, from family, friends, and acquaintances you know that might have experience with different types of contractors.

How to pick a door for residential or commercial spaces

If you’ve already picked out a door for your space, great! You can have your chosen contractor get right to it. If you haven’t, you might be able to discuss the project with the contractor you choose. He or she might have recommendations based on their experience that you might not have thought. They may even suggest a type of door that’s even more perfect for your space.