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New homeowners might be surprised at just how much work goes into caring for a home. A list of annual maintenance projects is usually pretty lengthy, and it pays to have a service company ready that delivers many skills. Chances are there is a drywall contractor near me that can do so much more than patch up my walls if the need arises. The chances are good that they can also do a bunch of these things too. 

Drywall contractors make custom furniture 

Does your drywall contractor near you make custom furniture? If not, it might be time to find a better one. If you have a space in your new home or renovated room that’s begging for a piece of custom furniture, look no further than Colorado Custom Services. The team will work with you, your space, and requirements to create the perfect piece of furniture to suit your taste and needs.  

Flooring installation and tile repair

Great construction companies offer as many services as they can to their customers. If you find one that offers flooring installation and tile repair to boot, you should hang on to that business card for use now and in the future. Extra points if you find a drywall contractor near me that can tackle hardwood, tile, or laminate flooring, and offers the expertise required for resurfacing or installing new material.  

Home maintenance and landscaping 

It’s also a big win if you find a company that can tackle lengthy home maintenance lists and your landscaping too. Look for a partner who can perform monthly, seasonal, or annual tasks to keep your home and property in great shape. Also choose a company that has experience in diagnosing problems, landscaping, plumbing, electrical, installation, painting, and carpentry. If you have a large task at hand and just need one-time help, a drywall contractor near me can help with that too. 

Drywall contractors do plumbing and electrical too

Some homeowners are comfortable with minor chores and repairs around the house like painting and landscaping. Plenty of people are wary when it comes to big projects that include plumbing and electrical work. Reach out to a reputable drywall company near you that has a ton of experience under their belt from which you can benefit. From basic problems, to trouble shooting and major repairs, it’s nice to know you have a knowledgeable company in your corner when the time comes.