Nov 11, 2019 / by Nicole Rizzo / No Comments

Drywall is the building material that creates the interior walls of your home. During the construction phase, large sheets of drywall are attached to the studs of your walls, floated and smoothed over to create finished surfaces ready for paint and decor. The material can be easily damaged during the course of everyday life, but the good news is is that drywall repair is one of the most simple honey-do jobs you’ll ever face.

Have the right tools 

To properly fix the drywall damage, it’s necessary to have the right tools for the job. You will need drywall compound, a sander, a putty knife, a utility knife, a corner tool if you’re patching a corner spot, a mesh patch, depending upon the size of the damage, along with other tools that might be required along the way depending upon the scope of your drywall repair. You’re already on your way to a successful repair job by having the right tools at arm’s length.  

Use filler or setting compound

First, you’ll need to clean the damaged area of the drywall by smoothing out the hole and making the outside of it larger than the inside. You will fill the hole with putty or joint compound and smooth it over with your putty knife. After some drying time, you’ll spread a thin layer of spackle over the area.  

Smooth it over

Once your putty is dry, you will need to take a sanding block and smooth out the area. You will probably want to use a fine-grit sanding block to gently sand away the very top, rough layers of the spackle. It might take a few runs of sanding before you’re done with the area and ready for paint and so that it completely blends in with the wall around it.  

Use repair patches

For some larger holes in your drywall, repair patches are the way to go. These patches are easy to find in your neighborhood home hardware store. To fix the drywall damage, you will affix the patch over the hole and apply joint compound over the top, smoothing as required until you’re left with a smooth surface. 

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