Jun 04, 2020 / by Nicole Rizzo / No Comments

The job that gutters are tasked with—keeping water away from your home as the most important—is a critical one. Malfunctioning gutters are a common cause of flooding in lower level spaces like basements. It’s hard to know when you have a gutter problem that even needs to be addressed since they’re often so high and hard to access. Here are just a few signs that it might be time to find gutter cleaning near me.

Signs of animals or nests 

Gutters are a convenient and perfectly protected place for small birds and animals to create a home. The problem with having animal nests in your gutters is that they stop the flow of water from collection points to downspouts leading water away from the house. It’s important that if you see signs of a nest in the gutters that you either get out the ladder to clear them out or call gutter cleaner.

It’s been a while since you’d hired gutter cleaner

A few years it’s all it really takes for a hazardous amount of debris to collect in your gutters. This is especially true if you live in a neighborhood full of deciduous trees that shed their leaves each fall. This collection of leaves and debris over the years is enough to bring the flow of water to a standstill. Not cleaning out your gutters for a few years is a great reason to find a company that can as soon as possible.  

Your downspouts aren’t spouting

If you fail to notice much water coming out of the downspouts designed to bring water off of your roof, there’s a good chance you probably have a clog along the route. Have a professional cleaning crew come in to clean the entire system to ensure the water keeps moving from collection points to where it should safely be dispersed. The job shouldn’t take long and the benefits of ensuring that your gutter system is working properly are great.  

Roof leaks

If you’re noticing a reoccurring leak in your home but don’t see any clear damage to your roof in that area, it could be your gutters to blame. Have a gutter cleaning company come out for an inspection. It just takes a little bit of debris in the way to cause big problems throughout the gutter system.