Colorado Custom Services Explains the Difference Between Drywall and Sheetrock

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There are dozens- if not hundreds- of different building materials that go together to build a house. There are many options to choose from for just one product like wall coverings. This can get confusing for homeowners, and especially do-it-yourselfers looking to save a little money by using their own elbow grease for certain household projects. One common question from homeowners is: what is the difference between drywall and sheetrock? Colorado Custom Services explains. Colorado Custom Services explains drywall  Drywall, according to the folks over at Colorado Custom Services, is a building material that uses gypsum in between two pieces…

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Drywall Repair Mistakes Beginners Always Make

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If you’re a new homeowner or have big renovation plans in your future- listen up. You probably have dreamy plans for the place; many of which you’re considering doing yourself to save a little money. Maybe you’ve already started and maybe you’re already dealing with the aftermath, especially when it comes to drywall repair. Have no fear, if you’re dealing with one of these common drywall mistakes made by beginners, just call your trusted drywall repair company in Colorado.   Forgetting to mark the locations of the studs  Sheets of drywall are affixed to studs that make up your walls with…

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